A downloadable game for Windows

Stick and sacrifice your buddies to go through the levels. This game was made during the Ludum Dare #43 "Sacrifices must be made".

Gameplay Instructions 
Gamepad : Use the joystick to move, triggers to stick a buddy, and A button to jump.
Keyboard : Use arrow keys to move, 'S' to sacrifice a buddy and 'spacebar' to jump
Press 'R' to reset the level.

Link to gameplay footage

Game Design : Julien Lussiez, Yacine Djadja
Art : Yacine Djadja, Julien Lussiez, Justine Choquet
Audio : Julien Lussiez (Music), Justine Choquet (Voices)
Coding : Julien Lussiez


JulienLussiez_LD3_v0.zip 88 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and launch the game.

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