A downloadable game for Windows

Team Name
Blue Bandit Studio
Ashley Brooks, a.brooks1023@yahoo.com
Sebastian Bohorquez, sbohorquez2013@knights.ucf.edu
Julien Lussiez, lussiez.julien@gmail.com 

An entry for the UE4 Spring Game Jam. Play as Unit_x5, a janitorial space station droid, who is currently experiencing a rocket malfunction and can't stop propelling himself forward. Use his shape-shifting abilities to fit through the holes in the wall and avoid crashing into any obstacles.

Gameplay Instructions
Use the X, Y, and B buttons on an Xbox controller to change shape, A to jump, and use LT and RT to rotate the hallway left and right.

Link to gameplay footage

Art : Ashley Brooks, Sebastian Bohorquez
Design : Ashley Brooks, Sebastion Bohorquez, Julien Lussiez
Coding : Julien Lussiez 
 Music & Audio : Julien Lussiez


BlueBanditStudio_RocketRun.zip 102 MB

Install instructions

Download .zip file and click on .exe file. Have fun.